Where to look for insights and solutions

MRSI Wednesday Webinars - 30th Apr 2020 TO 31st May 2020


About the Topic
Let me start by telling you a story of Dr Ignaz Semmelweis who was a doctor in the mid 19th century. The story goes that there were many women dying post childbirth of what was called childbed fever. No one could fathom why. Everyone tried different solutions but to no avail and the deaths kept mounting. 
Dr Semmelweis noticed that doctors who delivered babies were doing this soon after conducting autopsies which was leading to germs from the cadavers being embedded in the women during childbirth and this was the cause of the fever and the deaths. This simple discovery led to a sharp fall in fatality rates amongst new mothers. 
Till date, hand washing is seen as key to maintain hygiene and prevent germs from spreading. Well, I don’t need to state the obvious in these new times, I guess. 
But what the story tells us is that it is imperative to look in the right place for solutions. This becomes even more important in this highly interlinked world where reasons for a particular behaviour might be dependent on something completely different.
The idea of the session is to discuss this and the need to look above, below and beyond the specific brief so that we are able to solve the right thing so that marketing dollars are being spent most efficiently.